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Life Changes in One Bad Decision

How you do the little things is how you’ll do everything. It’s easy to think that the little faults we have become comfortable with, the bad habits that we do on a daily basis, won’t hurt anybody. While this may be true for awhile, they tend to catch up with you eventually and one bad decision can forever alter your life and some else’s too.

We train ourselves for success or failure by the actions and decisions that we implement on a moment to moment, day by day basis. You can train yourself to always strive for more, or you can continue to reinforce less than desirable ideas by allowing yourself to repeat them each day. The question is, do you want to live a life filled with sorrow, depression, and stress or would you like to live an extraordinary life?

A parent’s behavior affects the entire lifetime of their child. Being a parent is supposed to be hard work, where the child’s wellbeing is a first thought, not the last. When a parent starts to take on less than desirable habits like drinking everyday, smoking around their child, not being in tune with who their child is aournd or what they are doing, it may seem harmless at first. But we need to remember that our small decisions are cumulative and have a huge impact over time on the self confidence, desire, and safety of the child. And sometimes, those bad habits and bad decisions happen to collide all in one day and create a tragedy that can’t ever be rectified.

Recently, a man who thought that it would be no big deal to be handling his gun in the presence of children had his bad decisions collide into unthinkable tragedy. Unfortunately one of the children is now deceased after accidentally being shot by an unknown bullet remaining in the chamber. I’d like to say this was an accident, but what really happened was that a habit of continual bad decisions collided into one horrible moment and it altered the life of not only the deceased, but countless other people who will be victims forever affected by stupidity. You see, this man has a habit of bad decisions, not just with guns, but many things like drinking around the children, driving dangerously with them, and it was just a matter of time until someone got hurt. Unfortunately, a child, a neighbor in fact, is no longer on this planet. This man's own children witnessed the incidence and they have now also lost their dad to prison.

Hopefully, this will give this man of bad decisions time to think about how he could have made better choices, ones that would be easy, small ones practiced on a daily basis. Ones that made life better, vs. hard. Hopefully, he will come out of prison ready to be a better person than he has practiced to be thus far.

How are you living your life? How are your relationships? Are you making good choices for yourself in your health? How about your business or career? It might seem ok to blow off some of the things you know you should do and take what may seem like the easy way out for now, but know…your bad decisions might collide into one day and become a tragic moment for you too. Why not train yourself to do the right thing, little things day by day? Good things also collide in the form of new opportunities and blessings, just something to think about.

Today, make a list of things you would like to focus on to improve areas of your life. Who could you call that you haven’t caught up with in awhile, maybe your mom? What about getting some exercise, something that is fun for you to do? How about organizing your work schedule that allows you to be better balanced and enjoy life more? It’s all about the little things, so train yourself to be better, you may save your life and someone else’s too!

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